Proven to Disinfect
Common Bacteria
Dual Wavelength
UV source
Long Life
Designed in

V-GoTM Technology

  • The Same Technology Used in Hospitals to Disinfect Environments
  • Tested and Proven on Different Surfaces at UC Davis Lab
  • Proven to Kill Common Bacteria in 1-3 seconds
  • Proprietary and Patent-Pending Dual Wavelength Technology
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V-Go for iPhone Proprietary Features

High Temperature Sensor
Auto Shut-Off
After 30 seconds
No Mercury or Ozone
Angle Sensor
Power Button Cover to Prevent
Accidental Turn On
Lightweight ~ 3oz

Please make sure to not shine the UV light on skin and eyes

Read What Our Happy Customers Say!

A wow disinfecting device: the Covid&flu buster

I love the V-Go. It makes my life as Professor and Program Manager easier. This is the “Disinfecting Covid&allflu-virus-bacteria buster”. Since I started using it, no more wipes and chemical toxic products. Thank you! A wow device, simply genius.

- Michael

Feel Safe!

I usually use Hand Sanitizer but in the case of eating & drink, it's not applicable for dishes and cups or glasses. In that situation, V-Go is a perfect solution and it's super easy.

- Yasuhide Kaneoka

Awesome product!

This amazing product had made my life amazingly simple and easy. It is always with me and it protects me and my family from dangers of contamination and germs/ bacterias around us. I do not have to spend money and be concerned about environment by using different wipes and chemical sterilizers.I highly recommend it to everybody who has concern health of themselves and loved ones around them.

- Lili

V-GoTM for iPhoneTM Bacteria
Killing UVC Smartphone Case

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