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Los estuches de moda de V-go's están diseñados para adaptarse a los teléfonos inteligentes ® iPhone:

V-go para iPhone XR y 11 disponible para enviar ahora.

V-go para iPhone 8, X, XS, SE (2a generación), 12 y 12PRO disponibles en marzo/abril de 2021.

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I have been using V-Go on a daily basis in both my hospital and personal life in order to reduce any contamination with not only SARS-CoV-2 but also other hospital acquired organisms.  I use it in places such as shared computer keyboards and mouse, desks, and eating spaces in the doctors lounge.  

The quick acting decontamination in seconds is significantly better than the Oxivir or bleach wipes because I do not need a drying time and the UV does not degrade the equipment.  

I also use V-Go on table surfaces in restaurants, my seat  and tray when I fly in planes, and with my kids at the playground.  

Christian Sandrock MD, MPH, FCCP, Professor of Medicine Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and Division of Infectious Diseases, UC Davis School of Medicine

V-Go is an incredible vital, innovative product that is a life saver and a must for all travelers. As a business executive and frequent traveler, I can sleep a lot easier, knowing I have a mobile disinfectant that I can use on surfaces I come  into contact with.  Even in a very clean Japan, handle bars on trains, seat trays on planes, and remote controls in hotel rooms can be super spreaders of germs.  I can now focus on getting the job done rather than not getting and transmitting an infection. The efficacy testing from UC Davis and engineering behind the product gives me great comfort that this is not a cheap, fake product.  And thank you for saving me from those harmful chemicals and wipes in addition to saving money.    

Akira Matsukawa, Representative Director, Japan