VGo iPhone accessory and iPhone case with UVC light kills virus and bacteria

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Nov 24, 2020: Safer Planet Launches V-Go Mobile UVC Sanitizer Case to Conveniently Deactivate Viruses and Bacteria on Exposed Surfaces

Anti-Microbial Properties of UVC Now Are as Close as Your Smartphone

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Safer Planet Inc.

Nov 24, 2020, 08:00 ET

MILLBRAE, Calif., Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Safer Planet™ Inc., a consumer products innovator focused on making everyday environments safer, today announced the launch of its V-Go™ Mobile UVC Sanitizer Case, which makes it quick and convenient to sanitize exposed surfaces before you touch them. V-Go cleans surfaces by using anti-microbial UVC LEDs embedded within a protective smartphone case.

UVC light has proved to be effective in disinfecting surfaces and has been successfully employed against Corona viruses like SARS and other pathogens like Ebola.  From medical offices to businesses, airlines, hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, education facilities and restrooms, UVC light can be easily utilized to quickly deactivate microbes on exposed surfaces that might otherwise spread by touching. Door handles, light switches, remote controls, eating utensils, tray tables, keyboards, ATMs, keypads, elevator buttons, and faucets can be significant contributors in the transmission of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is increasingly important that consumers have tools that can help mitigate such dangers in everyday environments.

Now, V-Go makes it easy to carry a UVC sanitizer wherever you go. It's conveniently built into an attractive, quality-designed smartphone case and contains an on/off switch and safety features. To neutralize microbes on a surface, the user simply sweeps V-Go above the surface while pointing the violet-colored LED toward the desired cleansing area at close range.  For more details on proper use of V-Go, please see our instructions at

Safer Planet, the company behind V-Go, is based in Silicon Valley, and was founded by seasoned technology executives committed to creating novel products that enable safer environments for people and businesses. The Safer Planet team is applying its decades of semiconductor experience to innovate and integrate new, as well as proven, technology solutions to achieve health-related contamination control. V-Go's patent-pending design features a variety of engineering and human factors that include optimizing spatial layout of LEDs featuring different wavelengths, proprietary circuit design to optimize performance of the LEDs, and a variety of important safety features.

"We think V-Go will make it easier for people to be safe while mobile. We've built UVC into a lightweight smartphone case that can encourage people to easily clean surfaces and limit the exposure from harmful microbes wherever they go," said Abdi Hariri, co-CEO and co-founder of Safer Planet.

According to Safer Planet's medical advisor, Dr. Christian Sandrock, expert in Infectious Diseases, Pulmonary and Critical Care, and Professor of Medicine at University of California Davis School of Medicine, "Properly designed and utilized ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) can be an effective weapon to fight against many pathogens. UVC light can inactivate micro-organisms by targeting nucleic acid and disrupting their DNA/RNA that prevents them from replicating. The germ-killing properties of V-Go will be useful during and past the current COVID threat."

V-Go currently is in early production and can be ordered on Indiegogo at V-Go on Indiegogo. Pricing starts at $129 per case plus shipping and handling. V-Go cases are designed to fit the Apple® iPhone® 8, XR, SE (2nd generation), 11, 12 and 12 Pro models. These V-Go iPhone® case options are available for order now. V-Go™ cases for popular models of the Samsung® Galaxy® will be available in Q1 2021. Availability of V-Go cases for other smartphone models will be announced prior to commercial availability. Safer Planet will contribute $2 to DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS for every sale of V-Go UVC Mobile Sanitizer that is sold, as we see the organization's mission is aligned with our philosophy to help improve health for all.

V-Go and Safer Planet are trademarks of Safer Planet Inc.  All other marks are the property of their respective holders.

SOURCE: Safer Planet, Inc.

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