Our Story

Who is Safer Planet?

We are an early stage start up based in Silicon Valley with team members who have spent their careers in the high tech/semiconductor industry.  We are focused on developing novel products that eliminate surface contagion by integrating proven technologies and processes we’ve employed in other industries.

The Catalyst

In 2020, transmission of infectious diseases became a major health concern due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Respiratory droplets, generated when an infected person speaks, coughs or sneezes, are the main forms of transmission.  These droplets, which can survive minutes, hours or days, can contaminate the surfaces they land on and can lead to human contamination.

In addition to ongoing development of therapeutics and vaccines, there are efforts focused on making our environment and surfaces contamination-free.

We created Safer Planet to make it more convenient for consumers to inactivate contagion on surfaces when they are on the go.

We believe that the events of 2020 will impact attitudes towards micro-contamination control for the long term. We want to help the world achieve balance and normalcy again.

Our Objective

Create products people can easily use to eliminate contagion on surfaces they come in contact with in their daily lives

Our Social Responsibility

Safer Planet has committed to donate to Doctors without Borders $2 for every sale of V-Go UVC Mobile Sanitizer as the Doctors without Borders organization’s mission is aligned with our philosophy to help improve health for all.