LEDs vs. Lamps

Based on published research, UVC LEDs offer advantage over lamps in germicidal efficacy compared at the same wavelength and intensity.  This is attributed to greater scattering of light from a conventional UV lamp compared with a properly designed and collimated LED system that can converge and focus the UVC light in one direction. LEDs also have an advantage that they don’t require a warm up time like lamps before they reach optimum efficacy and are friendlier to environment as they contain no Mercury.


Optimized Spatial Arrangements

Our patent pending V-go includes LEDs at two different wavelengths, is designed for safety using proprietary electronics. To maximize efficacy, we optimized our LED layout by examining various spatial arrangements as shown in Figure 1.  Our objective is to deliver an effective dose (fluence) more uniformly, across a given surface area to inactivate diverse groups of germs.  Irradiance plots at different heights are shown in Figures 2 and 3.


 Figure 1.  Example of various LED layouts and configurations tested

Figure 2: Irradiance at 1.0 inch



Figure 3: Irradiance at 1.5 inches


Based on published research, deactivation of many microbes at recommended V-go operating conditions can be achieved in less than a few seconds. For more references, please check the link in Science section.   
With a primary focus on surface cross contamination reduction, Safer Planet’s goal is to provide tools and technologies, to further assist in reducing the probability of transmission through contaminated surfaces.