Safe Operation

   Designed in Italy, built in USA with globally sourced parts   

Safety Features

On-Off Switch
On-Off button has a cover to protect it from being accidentally switched.

Auto Shut-off
After 30 seconds of continuous usage, V-go will automatically shut off to prevent unintended exposure.

Internal temperature sensor
Prevents over-heating. If the temperature exceeds the set-point, V-go will shut off for 2 minutes to allow the system to cool down. A blue LED light will flicker fast indicating that the internal temperature has reached the set-point.  

Angle sensor
Because V-go should never be pointed at a person’s skin or eyes, as an additional safety feature V-go has a 360 degree angle sensor which will shut off the LEDs when tilted more than 45 +/- degrees from the downward flat position. V-go will only turn-on when the LEDs are facing downward towards a surface.  


For your safety- UVC light is for sanitizing surfaces only, and must be used properly:

1. Do not use UVC light on your skin.

2. Do not point the light at human or animal skin or eyes.

3. Make sure V-go is positioned above with LEDs pointing down toward surface to be sanitized.

4. The device has a timer, on-off switch guard, and automatic shut-off if
    tilted upwards.  Please ensure device is manually powered off as soon
    as finished using.

5. V-go is not a toy: do not use as a flashlight, or source of illumination.

6. For questions please refer to