What is V-Go™  It's a portable personal sanitizing device housed in your smartphone case, so it's always available and easily accessible wherever you go. 

What is it supposed to do? When the user encounters a small "touchy" surface (like a keyboard, doorknob, elevator button, remote control, dinnerware) they want to sanitize, all they need to do is sweep the surface with V-Go™'s light. See web site and instruction manual for more details.

How does it work? UVC light is a proven technology used in consumer and industrial applications to inactivate most viruses and bacteria by breaking the DNA-RNA of microbes. V-Go™ is easy to use and provides a portable UVC--at your fingertips.

How do I use V-Go™ When you want to sanitize a surface you intend to touch, simply turn on V-go™'s UVC beam and sweep it over the surface.  Please see instruction manual for details.

How long does it take V-Go™ to sanitize a surface? Based on published scientific research, for many viruses and bacteria, we estimate within two seconds, V-Go™ can sanitize an area of 2x2 inches, when it's held at 1.0 to 1.5 inches above the targeted surface. This translates into less than 30 seconds to cleanse a typical computer keyboard and 10 seconds for a typical fork, glass or TV remote. Please see web site for more details.

How long does a battery charge last? More than 100 cycles of 30-second uses.

How long does it take the battery to charge? A battery charge takes approximately four hours or less.

How do I charge the battery? V-Go™ uses standard iPhone charger and cable that came with the purchase of your iPhone.  This eliminates the need for any additional charging device in your arsenal.  Do not use an alternative or generic charging mechanism to charge the battery in V-Go™.

Where do I buy V-Go™ V-Go™ is currently being promoted on saferplanet.tech. As our sales mature, we will sell V-Go™ through other channels.

If V-Go doesn't work or is in some way defective, will Safer Planet provide a refund? Yes, please review our Refund policy

If I am not satisfied with V-Go™ how do I return it? Please review our Refund policy

How do I know the surface is cleaned? Please see our test results in the Research section as well as literature contained in the Science content in the Technology section of this website.

How do I know V-go™ is working? V-Go™ shines a pale, visible violet light onto the surface as it works. 

How heavy is V-Go™? Will it weight down my phone? Estimated at 85 grams or approximately 3 ounces.

How deep is V-Go™? Will it prevent me from carrying it in my pocket? The V-Go™ case will add a third of an inch to the phone's depth.

I saw that Safer Planet is contributing $2 for every V-Go™ sale to the charitable, non-profit organization, Doctors Without Borders. Why? We are dedicated to serving the health and well-being of humankind and we believe the mission of Doctors Without Borders aligns perfectly with our Safer Planet mission.

I understand UVC is not safe; is this true? One should avoid UVC exposure to eyes and skin of humans and pets. Published scientific research on safe exposure limits are rare, as such we are urging extreme caution, which is to avoid shining this light toward skin and eyes.

How do I use V-Go™ safely? Please read the instructions in the manual for safe operation. While many safety features such as on button cover with a 2 second hold to minimize accidental turning on, tilt angle on-off trigger, continuous time out at 30 seconds, are built in, it is imperative that users not direct the light to anyone's skin or eyes.

How do you know this device is effective in killing viruses and bacteria? This is based on test results published in the Research section as well as published scientific research.  Please refer to our content under the Technology section of this site for detail.